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Osteopathic Treatments in Edinburgh

As a fully qualified, highly experienced osteopath, Daniele Iannarelli has the skills, the ability, and experience to safely treat a wide range of conditions.

Professional Osteopathic Treatment

Offering Osteopathic Examination, Assessment & Treatment

Osteopathy for you- helping with all your pains, discomfort, and debilitating conditions. Pain (especially long-term) often gets us down. Don't put up with it. Osteopathy can help. Effective Osteopathic Treatment for painful conditions of the muscles and joints, incl Back/Neck Pain, Sciatic symptoms, Recurring Headaches, and many more debilitating conditions.

35 years of experience in Osteopathic healthcare and the management and treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Daniele has practiced from his modest domestic clinic for more than 35 years and offers a personal, friendly, and caring service.

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